You Just Have to Laugh…”Fake News”?

hpim0662Fake news… We’re hearing all about it. A famous world religious leader recently instructed his followers that it is a sin to spread “fake news”. Is that so? Where was this man over the past few years? The mainstream news media, otherwise known as the “MSM”, while shamelessly  promoting its New World Order agenda,  has been disseminating fake news for quite some time. Is that a sin? I’d say so.

Let’s put things into perspective. Besides one man’s opinion, what related principle would square with our Judeo-Christian ethics on the matter? “Thou shalt not bear false witness..”? Yes! Another example can also be found in Jewish tradition. According to Leviticus 19:16, one is not to engage in tale bearing. Leviticus 29:17 also warns us against harming one another. With those two Scriptures in mind, individuals who practice Mitzvah avoid committing a particularly serious sin known as “lashon ha ra”. Translated into the  English language, lashon ha ra can best be defined as the evil tongue. This sin occurs when someone chooses to speak evil of another. According to traditional interpretations, such a sin is committed even if the disseminated information happens to be true. That being said, due to the grave nature of specific details, a fact that needs to be revealed because its suppression would harm others would be an exception to such a prohibition. Therein lies the rub. Discernment is in order, and perhaps even more importantly, accountability!

Why were so many Hillary supporters surprised, and shocked to the point of tears, upon learning the results from the 2016 Presidential Election? Who is the MSM to lecture us about “Fake News”? The fake news propagated by MSM was harmful during this past election season, and such harmful transgressions seem to be on the increase with each new election cycle. Yes, we are tired of fake news! Wouldn’t it be nice if we turned on the nightly news programs and actually received accurate information about newsworthy world events? Shouldn’t we expect to receive important information without the political spin? Indeed, according to accepted journalistic ethics, the news is to be disseminated in a fair and balanced manner,  without prejudice.

The American “MSM”, which blatantly and consistently slanders and defames those who don’t share its political ideology, needs to clean up its own collective act. The various MSM outlets seem to be the only ones disseminating fake news these days, and they obviously need to be discouraged from doing so. Thanks to the advent of the alternative media, the American citizens are finally awakening from their slumber, and have become weary of the propaganda. Most informed Americans don’t believe a word reported by the MSM hacks. Beware also of self-serving politicians who would legislate in favor of violation of the First Amendment as a power grab. The right to freedom of speech is pivotal to a free and open society.

Thankfully, we are witnessing the day of the citizen journalist! If you have ever had a desire to cover the real news, take a journalism class. Start a Blog or Video Blog. Really! You can do it. Now is the time! I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but the American public needs you! Poynter’s News University offers on-line courses. Some are free, and some have a fee, but many of the fees are very reasonable. Your local college may include enough courses to get you started. Coursera also offers journalism classes which can be audited without cost, as well as those classes offered for a fee, in which you can earn a certificate of completion.

As a familiar athletic shoe company advertisement exclaims, “Just Do It!”


Note to Self, Never……

No, it is not your imagination. While editing my last post, I inadvertently lost my content. Moral of the story, never edit a blog post on your tablet. In the future, I will plan to edit on from my main computer, and also make a point to print out each post. Should this ever happen again, there will be a copy available.   😦

Some Random Thoughts….


Recently, I celebrated a rather momentous birthday. (Should I really say celebrate?) In any case, it is official. I am old. In light of that rather humbling reality check, I thought it appropriate to share some words of wisdom that I have accumulated over the years. Suffice it to say, such words of wisdom are not my own, but originate from a very reliable Source, the Word of God. I have found these precepts to be only too true, as well as always timely and relevant, so think that they bear repeating.

  • God’s Word is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. (Psalm 119:105) Read and memorize the Word, both Old and New Testaments. They tell the same beautiful story. Everything points to JESUS.
  • YHWH is Salvation. JESUS is the Word made flesh. Follow Him. Do what He says. (John 1:14)
  • Man is like a breath.” His days are like a shadow that passes away.” (Psalm 144:4) Time is short. Make good use of it.
  • Speak the truth in love. (Ephesians 4:15) You will always be discouraged from practicing this particular discipline. More often than not, you will be told to sit down and shut up. Resist the temptation to do so.
  • “..Be courageous, be strong,..” (Corinthians 16:13) Pray for more courage and faith, as you’ll need it.
  • The world will hate you.”(John 15:20, 25 ) Don’t be surprised if the ones who hate you are called Brethren by the way, as Jesus was persecuted by those who should have embraced Him.
  • Walk by the Spirit.” “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are children of God.” (Galatians 5:16, Romans 8:14, John 16:13) HE will lead you into all truth, so be encouraged!
  • Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness but instead, expose them.” (Ephesians 5:11 ESV) For some reason, this pertinent exhortation doesn’t seem to get much attention these days.
  • A “one world” anything is always a bad idea. Jesus is the only One Who will ever be able to pull that one off, so be patient, He is coming back. Consider the Tower of Babel, or for that matter, the United Nations. How could it possibly be expedient to promote peace without the Prince of Peace? Avoid that trap. We are instructed not to yoke ourselves with unbelievers, and with good reason. (Genesis 11:1-9, 2Corinthians 6:14)
  • Pray without ceasing”. ( 1 Thessalonians 1:17, James 5:16) Prayer is powerful. Do it often.
  • Always be about your Father’s business. (Luke 2:49) If you follow this model, how could you go wrong!

Blessings!  🙂

🎼🎶 Brenda

(Most Scriptures referenced here can be found in the World English Translation, unless otherwise specified.)

Is Genuine Journalism Dead?

This subject is a bit off topic for me, but important nonetheless. Salt and light. Yes, according to Jesus, we are to be salt and light. Perhaps we’d better think about being salt and light prior to deciding which nightly newscast to watch. Yes, we can make a difference!

In the interest of transparency, I would like to mention that I have been auditing a Journalism class, as of late. (For those unfamiliar with the term “auditing”, it means that I would prefer not to pay for the class, but thankfully, still have access to the course content.) In light of the 2016 election season, last week’s class material has haunted me a great deal. Did you know that journalists have a specific code of ethics that virtually none of the national news media outlets appear to follow? Oh yes, indeed! Between the broadcast writers and their on-air counterparts, what currently is presented as news, is in fact, political punditry.

What if the “salt and light” people held so-called journalists accountable, and insisted that they hold to their professional code of ethics? What if we insisted that such news outlets inform by disseminating actual newsworthy events?  What if we turned off mainstream news broadcasts until they complied with prescribed ethical conduct? Just food for thought.

Lately, we have heard of politicians who have decried the existence of the Alt-Right Media. Thank goodness for the Alt-Right Media! It is sad to say, but these so-called renegades may be the only ones giving us the news these days. Make no mistake about it, the revelation of such truths are abhorred by those who gain and retain power by stealth.

Let me share a little bit of what I’ve learned, and perhaps you will agree. Something has gone terribly wrong with journalism over the last decade or two, and it all smacks of what is more commonly know as propaganda.

Professional Journalists are instructed to:

  • “Act with integrity.”
  • “Seek truth and report it.”
  • “Minimize harm.”
  • “Act independently.”
  • “Be accountable and transparent.”

**The entire SPJ Code of Ethics, which is fascinating in its entirety, and in which these quotes originate, can be found at

Clinton Won the Popular Vote? NOT!

After 8 years of wide open borders, combined with Obama publicly advising illegal aliens to vote in this election, there is no way that Clinton won the popular vote. It’s not even close. Don’t buy the globalist’s narrative. At the heart of the current protests you will find the same cast of characters, Soros, the DNC, their paid instigators or employees, and Clinton herself. Think about it.